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We Help Basketball Players Turn Their Dream Of Playing College Basketball Into A Reality By Leveraging Our 20+ Years Of Placing Basketball Players In College/Universities
Now Accepting AAU & College Prep

 Are You Ready IV Greatness?


We are very proud of our excellent reputation for training players like you from around the world as you prepare to become a college basketball player. It is with great honor that we help you to be at its very best through our comprehensive training and college placement program.

SHOOTING 4 GREATNESS Academy (S4G) is a non-profit athletic program located in Raleigh, NC. Our Mission is to create a place where athletes have the opportunity to reach their potential while pursuing

their dream of playing college basketball. We are dedicated to redirecting the lives of young men who have fallen through the cracks of traditional settings.


SHOOTING  4 GREATNESS basketball is the vehicle that provides that opportunity for players to take their game to the next level. We exist to make a positive difference in the lives of our players. Our goal is to develop happy healthy and confident players. S4G strives to provide a safe, fun and successful. 

About Shooting 4 Greatness Academy

Shooting 4 Greatness provides advanced technical basketball training to enhance the student-athlete's skills.  Shooting 4 Greatness was started in Raleigh, NC after watching high school, AAU and recreational league coaches destroy the spirit and dreams of student-athletes.  Most of these coaches; coach for the stipend, get their coaching techniques online or has a child on the team and want to make sure their child gets ample playing time.  All the wrong reasons. 


Coaching is for the better of the student-athlete, not for accolades or extra money.  Shooting4greatness gives student-athletes and their parents peace of mind that he is here to benefit them.  Shooting4greatness makes it his mission to provide an avenue to college and becoming a responsible and accountable adult.  




  • Detailed player-specific on-court skill development.

  • Game situation instruction to develop court awareness and increase efficiency.

  • A competitive schedule specifically designed to create opportunities for recruiting.

  • Impact Basketball’s exclusive strength and conditioning program.

  • Performance training to develop and improve functional strength, speed, quickness, and explosiveness.

  • Complete Nutrition and hydration education for increased high-level performance and efficiency.



  • Individualized academic schedule to address each student's needs.

  • SAT and ACT test prep courses

  • NCAA Qualified 


  • A dedicated systematic approach to maximize college exposure for each player.

  • Fully integrated college recruiting and placement program.

  • Extensive game video documentation for collegiate evaluation and recruiting.


The S4G College Placement Program.Process! S4G has developed a comprehensive college placement program to help you succeed and play at the next level. When followed correctly, you will live your dream of playing college basketball. We are experienced at developing HS basketball players into college athletes, finding non traditional methods to get athletes qualified and securing the most funding for your college education. 


Thought our 15+ years helping mold Hs basketball players into college athletes. This experience has taught us college eligibility and what colleges look for in evaluating you as a prospect. Nothing is left to chance. We do all the heavy lifting for you all you have to do is do what you do best PLAY BASKETBALL.


The key to being successful is YOU. We need you to be actively engaged in the process to have the great possible impact. You only have this one chance to be recruited. It will not come along again. Make the most of it by enrolling in this one of a kind college placement program.


Please contact us for more information and to answer any question or concerns regarding your recruiting process.

Basketball Players from These Programs Have Attended Our Academy:

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